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No patches found

I'm missing patches in Security > patches, and Devices > <device> > patches.

Now I haven't set them to cache because I don't want to take all the bandwidth of the server and I'd like to select what I want.

However, when I create a policy, select the bundle and deploy it to a device it works.

I have the policy configs set to default, and have enabled zac pap on a couple devices.  I'm only doing this on test devices.

  • You need to make sure your "Discover Applicable Updates" bundle has run for the day so a device can discover and report needed patches.  Running just "ZAC PAP" will not do anything because it will have not discovered what it needs.

    Normally you configure the "Vulnerability Detection Schedule" so the agent discovers and reports.

    Note: Simply running "ZAC PS" is not sufficient, because that does not ensure the latest patch discovery signatures included the daily "DAU Bundle".


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  • I have a ticket in progress with MF, they have escalated the ticket to microfocus.

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