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Patch Management Licensing

During this years renewal of our ZCM maintenance I tried to do it like every year which is ZCM maintenance and the patch management adder.  I was told by the reseller there is no patch management adder anymore and they rolled it into the ZCM maintenance.

Has anyone done a renewal lately and seen this also?  Don't see anything on the MicroFocus site mentioning this change.  I am going to contact MicroFocus sales myself and see what they have to say.


  • That does not sound correct.

    If you get stuck with sales, send me an email to craig_d_wilson at yahoo with something about the ZENworks Forum in the subject and let me know here you sent it.  I will try and get you in touch with some proper folks.

    It definitely sounds wrong....


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  • Dropped you an email as I am not getting any traction from my vendor or Micro Focus sales that I had access to.

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