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Windows 11 - OS Patches Missing

Running ZCM 20.1 (upgrade to 20.2 is coming soon). We have begun our testing of Windows 11. TID 278136 and 278138 are installed (and registration/patch scans seem to be working). 3rd party patches are appearing properly in ZCC for this Windows 11 workstation; however, Windows 11 OS updates are not (such as Cumulative Updates/.NET/etc.).

Comparing the Windows 11 DAU bundle with the Windows 10 DAU bundle, "Signature File win11x64.ospx" is missing from the install in the bundle. I'm guessing this is the why OS updates are not appearing? windependencies.ospx, winsecuritydefinitions.ospx and winapplications.ospx are present in the bundle - just missing win11x64.ospx.

Is this proper and something new within Windows 11 - or something wrong? Windows 10 patching is working 100%.