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Better Patch Policy version management in ZCC

Status: Delivered
Currently (ZCM 11.4) it is not easily possible to remove all older Patch Policy version. Currently you need to display a particular older Patch Patch Policy version and hit the "Delete Selected Version" button.

For easier handling there should be on option similar to what is available for bundles, to delete all old version, leaving behind only the current published and the Sandbox version.
  • Sorry, my bad craig.

    No need to create another topic.

    Wrote my own auto bundle cleanup using zman and a scheduled task. Thanks and sorry.

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  • So this does not seem to be working. This was the most exciting 2020 feature for me but when I enabled it on both bundles and policies nothing happened.  So I waited a day thinking it might be run nightly but still nothing.  Anyone have any thoughts.

  • ZENworks 2020 has shipped. The new "Older Bundle Versions Retain Setting" lets you determine the number of bundles you want to retain. Since Patch Policies are bundles, the setting applies. The settings is under Configuration > Management Zone Settings > Bundle, Policy, and Content. At this level, it the setting applies to all bundle folders. You can override the setting at individual bundle folders. So, for example, you could retain a different number of Patch Policy versions than DAU versions than Remediation bundle versions by setting different retain values on the various Bundles\ZPM subfolders. Darrin VandenBos ZENworks Product Manager
  • In ZENworks 2020 we have added a configuration setting that lets you configure how many old versions you want to retain for a bundle. You can retain All, None, or a specified number such as 5. Since a Patch policy is a bundle, this setting applies to Patch policies. So, if you set it to 5, the last 5 versions of a Patch policy is retained and all others are deleted. ZENworks 2020 is in beta now with an anticipated release date of September 2019. Darrin VandenBos ZENworks Product Manager