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Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool - Critical rather than a software installer

Status: New Idea


Can you make Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool a Critical Patch rather than a software installer. As have to manually deploy this every time it comes out and can't get it to be auto added to a patch policy.

I know I can add it as a "member" to the policy but still requires user/admin input and remembering to add it in.



  • Hi Spencer,

    I totally agree we need a way so that it can be "Set it and Forget it" for the Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool.

    ZCM 20.3 will potentially have some major changes around ZPM.  I have some folks inquiring if it may be easier with the pending changes and if not what we can do to make this easy.  It could be changing it from a software installer or perhaps something else ..... but I agree it would be great to make this something that does not need constant revisiting by the admin as new versions are released.


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