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bulk edit button

Hello, is there a way of closing a bunch of requests Whitin a same group? Or edit multiple requests to change the technician for all request in group.

I read the help section but I didnt find the "Bulk button" 

ZENworks Service Manager Guide (




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    Two-part Question for ZSD v8.3.1 

    Bulk Close within a group?

    If using ZSD Std or ZSD Advanced (ITIL version)

    • If you have permission to close (or are on the team managing the tickets)
    • From the Request list, sort on the Group column and select all tickets in that group (check box on left) and select Close 

    If using ZSD Advanced (ITIL version)

    • Configure the Problem process (Incident Analysis which groups related tickets as a master Problem ticket)
      Closing the "Problem" will close all tickets

     Change the technician for all requests in a group?

    • This cannot be done at this time, directly from the Requests List or in bulk. (2790637 Ideas Exchange).
    • However if the candidate is on leave/holiday, take advantage of the Delegate Role to have another technician temporarily manage their tickets regardless of team or assignment.  This will create a Delegate Filter in the Request views for those technicians delegated tickets.

    Paul Pedron

    Micro Focus Product Manager