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ZSD - service requests

Are there ways to get approvals or a chain of custody for service requests?

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    first, ZSD offers various kind of approvers:

     - Linemanager (read from ldap attribute manager)
     - Item Manger ( assigned from category, type or item)
     - Team Manager (defined in the Team Manager Group)
     - Customer

    The approvers can be chained, but only once in a workflow e.g. LineManager -> Item Manager -> Team Manager -> Customer. 

    Check the "Store Workflow With Line Manager Approval" under [User]-SERVICE-Workflows. Click on the Lifecycle tab  and open the status "Line Manager Approval", which is set to "Active". This approval will only use the line manger. Copy the template and add others. 


  • You may also check my Youtube Video regarding Store and Approvals

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