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Extract Hash Values for Items in Service Desk

Can someone tell me how to Extract Hash values for all Items we heave within in the service desk application. (8.1.2)

  • I will look into that.....It may take me a few days, my GURU is out of the office this week and I want to avoid going to Development directly unless I need to do so.


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  • Colin,
    Please expand on this question.

    Item "Hash values" are you referring to, custom fields, or strictly database table values or ?

    Extracting is more than just values in this case, because Items have many relationships we may need those as well.

    What details are we looking at - end goal?  For Reporting, migrating, ?

    Paul Pedron

    Micro Focus Product Manager

  • Hi Paul, Was on Annual leave for a few weeks there. What we are trying to do is export data into our Meraki Portal. We've basically got a shell script that does this and written in it is the Hash Value of the Database configuration item. Someone had initially set this up and left the company a few years ago. He put the Hash Value of the Cisco Meraki MH64 item we created into the Shell Script. We now need to do the same for the newer model (MX67) Item we created. Unsure how to get the value to update our bash script. 

    Not sure if thats any more help (Or more of a hinderance)

  • Colin,

    I talked with development on this while waiting your reply.

    The script may give the details that is needed to help with your problem.

    Can you send us that script so we can verify the values?
    email me at 
    Paul Pedron

    Paul Pedron

    Micro Focus Product Manager