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Add Custom Fields to Email Templates

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Waiting for Votes

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When adding a custom field in service desk (Setup > Custom Fields > Incident) there is no option to add the custom field to an email template (Setup > Email > Templates). Users creating incidents through emails can add additional information to the email to populate required custom fields


  • We continue to add new Email variables for the templates in each version.
    v8.4.0 will have more parameters to enter.

    Parameters with Customer Name, Customer First Name, Customer Last Name, Technician Name, Technician First Name, Technician Last Name

    Paul Pedron

    Micro Focus Product Manager

  • Many of our techs are using mobile devices with email and/or the SD app. We have some custom fields on the input forms where the requestor and the problem is located along with contact information. The information in the custom fields is not in the app nor the email that the techs receive. I would like to modify the email template so that the custom fields would be included. Our current workaround is to have a dispatch person copy the information into a note for the tech. We don't need the fields populated for requests created by email.
  • While sending the email, custom fields can be added but it's not possible while pursing the emails. New functionality to be added to support that. Will take a call during 8.x