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Automated reminders for incidents/requests scheduled for a specific day/time

Status: Accepted

V8.4 will have the ability to configure Email Reminders.

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It would be useful if we had the ability to mark a request as scheduled for a specific date/time, and for that request to then be set as an appointment/reminder in your email calendar. For example if I had a user request a laptop for a meeting in two weeks, sure I could manually set a reminder for myself, but there must be an easier way to automate this with the Service Desk, linking the assigned technician via email?


  • We've included "Email Reminders for Pending Customer Info" as a new privilege in v23.3.

    We are now evaluating scheduled requests to have technician reminders from their calendar.
    Also, being able to put a scheduled date on a request to position it in the calendar.

    Paul Pedron

    Micro Focus Product Manager

  • I am wondering if it could be tied to a status setting like an On Hold Pending Planning status and have the system send a reminder to a team lead to review and communicate any change. This would be great for a project that we want to do but not anytime soon.