Idea ID: 2790637

Bulk change actions on Incidents

Status: Already Offered
There should be a way to bulk edit incidents (and service requests) for changing fields such as customer, type, technician, status. For instance, we have a need to take all of one technician's tickets and assign them to another technician. Right now this will take an hour when I should be able to select all that I want to reassign, choose Bulk Edit and change the Technician drop-down to the new tech. It would also be nice to be able to bulk Cancel or Close tickets which are generated by Out of Office replies to Support notifications we send out.
  • This can be achieved in ZSD v8.3.x 

    • Expose those tickets in a list with the filter, check all but one, and mass close with the close button at the top.
    • ITIL License has problem management - if configured you can close the Problem which will close all the related tickets.

    Paul Pedron

    Micro Focus Product Manager

  • The enhancement will be partly addressed as part of v8.3. In this release, we are going to provide bulk actions for Closing, Deleting and Reopening tickets.

  • We had a rogue system generate about 1000 tickets over a very short period of time. I want to cancel all these jobs (except one) which I have to do open each incident manually, cancel it and then save it. This will take me days to complete. A bulk edit function would be fantastic.