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LDAP Groups mapping to Organization/Organizational untis/Departments

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Waiting for Votes

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Novell Service Desk currently allow users with various roles to be divided in Organization, Organization Units and Departments, however it requires a manual process done from the NSD console in order to achieve this and to properly distribute our customers, managers and technicians across the O, OUs and Depts.

Implement a feature that will allow mapping between LDAP groups and Organization, Organizational Units and Departments.

This will follow the same philosophy that NSD already adopt for the roles, which are managed from LDAP and not from NSD configuration.

This would allow the Admin to define what group maps to the created O, OUs and Dept and have those groups automatically populated from LDAP import.


  • I am setting up multiple Org Units based on separate LDAP connections I would like to distinguish the Org units by LDAP connections but I can only set the Ord UNIT as an LDAP entry.I don't want to have to add 500 enties across 3 LDAP domains. Provide the ability to set the Org Unit in an LDAP connection as a text value, which would fix it for all entities in the LDAP connection This improves ease of management of the LDAP users