Idea ID: 2788865

Request URL to be available on ALL email templates

Status: Delivered

In recent versions since v8.2.x the variable for the Request URL to allow receivers of the email to click on the ticket # which will open the Request URL (they may need to log into ZSD).

This is accomplished by setting up the Email template using "Request ID" and "Request URL".


Displaying the formatted email like this: 

See status update history

The Request URL is a link that is identified by the Request Number and links you directly to the request within Service Desk. Unfortunately this is only available on pages like CreateIncident, CreateRequest, CreateTechIncident, CreateTechRequest, and some others. It's not on the templates involving Escalate. If you look at the template for Escalations you see an alternative called Request Id. This unfortunately is only a display variable meaning it isn't a link to the Request within Service Desk. The Request URL option makes is easy for Customers as well as Technicians to easily click on the link within a received email to jump directly to the Request within Service Desk. This option should be available on almost every if not every Template in the system.