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Role that can edit all tickets

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This is actually the way to add a "Global" Administrator

Large Scale - Via Teams
Put that "Global User" into each Team that you want them to be able to manage.
Do not put them in the layers.
The Global User can manage/edit those Team tickets.

Smaller Scale - Via Users
Another way on a smaller scale is to put that "Global User" as a delegate on individuals.
The Global User can manage those Technician tickets in the Request List View - Delegate Filter.

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In a service desk environment, it is frequently necessary to move or modify a ticket that has already been assigned to another user or team. Currently, users must first be assigned to a team in order to modify a ticket in that team's queue. As the number of teams in the system increases, managing this access becomes quite complex. This would be solved through the addition of a user role that grants global team access (or some other form of super user edit rights).

Users that would benefit from this role include:
- Help Desk Supervisors
- Department Managers
- System Administrators

Some scenarios where this would be useful include:
- A ticket has been misdirected and the Help Desk needs to reroute it.
- A Department Manager wants to reassign a particular ticket to another team.
- A System Administrator needs to retrieve a ticket that has become orphaned.
  • Agree, having a Global Administrator so they don't have to be in all the Teams but can reassign tickets and other administration across the system.

    One work around in v8.x is to Add that "Global Administrator" to all the Teams but not in any layers so they don't get any tickets assigned.

    I don't know how/if this applies to the ITIL PINK certification.

    Paul Pedron

    Micro Focus Product Manager

  • Can be taken for scoping in 8.0 provided the impacted scenarios are identified.