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Screenshot via mail embedded in the note

Status: Under Consideration

I fully agree...

Currently the creation of a request the description doesn't have the screenshot that was in the body of the email... it gets put into the attachments.

Otherwise all notes retain their screenshots.

We'll look at retaining all descriptions into the description field.

See status update history


currently if customer create tickets via the customer portal and put a screenshot in the note/description the screenshot is embedded.

If the customer create the ticket via mail and work via mail with screenshots the screenshots are attached to the case and deleted from note/description.

It would be great if the behavior was the same as when a customer creates the ticket via the customer portal and communicates about it.

To the background:

If the customers create your tickets or work with them, you can include screenshots in the text so that the text flow matches the embedded screenshots.
However, if these are not displayed by the ticket system but are only attached, then the technician has to collect the screenshots from the attachment and assign them to the text flow accordingly.
Here we would generate great added value for clarity and speed in ticket processing.