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Ticket Link Variable - Add Ticket Link in email via variable

Status: Delivered

In recent versions since v8.2.x the variable for the Request URL to allow receivers of the email to click on the ticket # which will open the Request URL (they may need to log into ZSD).

This is accomplished by setting up the Email template using "Request ID" and "Request URL".


Displaying the formatted email like this: 

See status update history

All Tickets have a Ticket link at the bottom that can be copied/pasted into an email.

It would be nice to have a Ticket Link "variable" for use in the templates to automate this process.

When someone receives the "ticket was opened" email, the link to the ticket is in the email for quick access.
At which point they can respond to the ticket by selecting the link in the email to open the web portal, which opens the ticket for response.

Paul Pedron

Micro Focus Product Manager