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update wysiwyg to include section 508 compliance check

Status: Waiting for Votes

Waiting for Votes

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We need the ability to have the document editor (wysiwyg - What you see is what you get) to include an accessibility checker similar to how Microsoft has added it to its products.

Section 508 compliance audits are now being mandated and monitored more closely and we need tools to easily verify compliance with all KB articles.


  • An added plus would be getting the WYSIWYG to clean up Microsoft office code. Paste from Word PowerPaste is a premium plugin for clean Word copy-and-paste. TinyMCE PowerPaste automatically cleans up content from Microsoft Word and other HTML sources to ensure clean, compliant content that matches the look and feel of your site or app.
  • Accessibility checking WCAG & Section 508 compliant accessibility checking. For most developers, accessibility has become critical to the usability of their solutions. TinyMCE’s accessibility checker (based on technology built by Tiny) makes checking for common accessibility issues incredibly easy for content creators by using an interface that steps them through each error, and in most cases also recommends a solution. The check is achieved within the editor before the user posts their content and operates in a similar fashion to running a spell check in Word. Before the introduction of this feature users would have to manually check for errors, requiring an advanced knowledge of accessibility and typically an understanding of HTML. Most people creating content with TinyMCE don’t possess these skills and if they do fixing errors can be an incredibly time-consuming task.
  • a quick web search found several. has a good example.