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Upgrading to the latest version of ZENworks Service Desk 8.3?

Keeping current matters. Upgrading to v8.3 and following it up with v8.3.1 will provide the latest enhancements, new features, and improved integration capabilities. And without the highest level of security in place, you risk more than misaligning your chakra.

More intuitive than ever, the new ZENworks Service Desk 8.3.x comes with many advantages. We pulled out these highlights:

  • Modernized Knowledge Base documents: Quickly create, modify, and locate solutions and articles, allowing for user ratings and comments.
  • New delegate roles: No request resolution delays!
  • Advanced item search: Enable dynamic search through item categories and types.
  • OAuth and MSModern Authentication for token authentication.
  • LDAP connection to AzureAD Cloud user sources.


Master your upgrade with the right Support

Maybe you're handling the ZENworks Service Desk 8.3.x upgrade on your own, check out our Service Desk Look Book.

Maybe you'd like a little help. Contact our Customer Support team by chat, phone, or service requests. You can also access the ZENworks ServiceDesk documentation, support forums, patch downloads, and more.

Need some reinforcements? Our Micro Focus Premium Support plan enhances your Micro Focus Business Support with ongoing problem resolution, technical guidance, and strategic support—all from a team of named and dedicated software experts and account managers.

Or if you just need some short-term support, Micro Focus Flexible Credits give you access to upgrade resources, on-site troubleshooting, assessments, and even e-learning.

Contact our Support Representatives to find out how we can support you.

Partner Up to Handle Upgrades

We know you want the latest product innovations but might not want to spend time on upgrades. A software upgrade is not only an opportunity to benefit from the latest product innovation, but also allows you to evaluate your long-term strategy for operating the solution either on-premises or cloud.

Micro Focus Partners are a great resource with comprehensive offerings for ZENworks upgrades, they are all certified with extensive skills and many years of proven experience. Contact your current partner if you are looking for ZENworks upgrade assistance or find here a partner that we have pre-selected for you.

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