Delete AppManager Connector or Decouple AppManager

We're researching the connections but not sure how to delete/disable or otherwise decouple AppManager from Aegis.   Current Processes can be removed but we want Aegis as standalone and separate from AppManager at this time.

I can see the connector(s) in the Config Console but not sure how to alter or manage them.





  • Verified Answer

    In order to remove those connectors and to "decouple AppManager", you will uninstall from Control Panel > Programs and Features the NetIQ AppManager Integration Adapter.


    The NetIQ AppManager Integration Adapter allows the NetIQ Aegis product (Aegis) and other NetIQ
    products to communicate with AppManager repositories and Control Center repositories. The NetIQ
    AppManager Integration Adapter requires NetIQ Resource Management to centralize common resources
    such as security and services registration. This document describes how to install both products.

    The NetIQ AppManager Integration Adapter also includes Aegis workflow activities specific to
    AppManager that Process Authors can use in the Workflow Designer

  • Than you for the quick response, ebell!

    If I may further ask - should I remove the NetIQ Resource Management as well?   Does Aegis rely on anything from AppManager regarding the Aegis user accounts or something else, etc?

    I'm sure there's some implications but curious if it can be a fairly clean cut.   We only have 1 process that would work via AM but it's not critical.

    Again much appreciated!

  • That isn't as clear cut an answer as it depends on what you will be using Aegis for. Here some additional information regarding the NetIQ Resource Management - Basically this is used to manage NetIQ as well as third-party connections. My recommendation is to leave it installed.

  • I hear you and appreciate the recommendation.   Not looking for guarantees, I promise : )   Just the guidance you've provided - and it's very much appreciated.

    I'll have a look at the guide and surface any new questions in the forum if something comes up.

    Thanks again!