Workflow from email

I am hoping someone can tell me if this process is possible. We have
recently purchased Aegis 3.0 (in the last couple weeks or so) and are
looking to create an automated workflow for adding temporary local admin
access to servers. The flow would go as follows: (Thank you in advance
for any information)

Step 1 – email is sent to an Aegis monitored mailbox from Remedy (or a
remedy plugin offers the information instead) with the following
- Username
- Group name user needs to be added to (group will be the name of the
server they need access to)
- Date access is to start
- Date access is to end
- Email address of user

Step 2 – Aegis reads all the information from this email and
automatically inputs into the Aegis workflow using the DRA Add user to
group plugin.
Step 3 – Aegis sends an email to the user notifying them their account
is going to be added.
Step 4 – Aegis adds the user to the group on the start date
Step 5 – Aegis sends an email to the user notifying them their account
will be removed, also asks if they would like to extend their access
time by 2 days.
Step 6 – User replies and Aegis takes the information. If yes (step 7),
if no (step 8)
Step 7 – User account access to the group is extended by 2 days.
Step 8 – Aegis removes the user on the end date using the DRA remove
user from group plugin.
Step 9 – Aegis sends an email notifying the user their account no longer
has access to _____.

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