Parsing email content from Inbox using Exchange

Hello All -

My first time on these forums for Aegis and fairly a novice user. I am
thinking out loud here and trying to determine whether this can be
achieved. My goal is to be able to parse Exchange inbox for emails
including parsing the email body for specific chunk of text and insert
it into specific columns in Excel. Basically parse the email subject and
body for certain text and export it into Excel. Can this be achieved
using Aegis? Can anyone give me some ideas on how to parse the content
of an email using Aegis? Any advise would be greatly appreciated.

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  • Hi Aniazi,

    Yes this is very do-able. You can configure the Mail adapter to monitor
    an Exchange mailbox, any emails arriving into the inbox will generate an
    event in Aegis. The event will include different fields of the email
    including the subject, body, sender etc. You can then use the regular
    expression activity to extract the detail you want from the message

    Adding the data into the Excel File can be done using the 'Execute SQL
    Commands and Scripts' activity - you need to define a connection string
    to do it. There is also an activity on Community which is simpler to
    configure, but you'll still need to build the SQL INSERT command
    yourself but the link here gives examples on how to download and use it


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