Aegis 3.1 Tutorials

I was trying to look for some tutorials or books that might help with
NetIQ Aegis but I haven't been able to find anything.

I created a small little Workflow. Had a user click start or stop. If
started the process would go grab a file from a directory on a machine
and then e-mail user X with the file and then end. Works fine but it's
very simple.

Then I created another Workflow, this one also had a start and stop. If
started it would go to said machine delete a registry key from a certain
directory, e-mail user x if the directory registry key had been deleted
and then end. The Workflow completes, no errors show up but the registry
key is never actually deleted. When the process runs it runs with domain
admins rights. So not sure what I might be missing.

Thank you

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