Aegis ‘Depot’ Activity – File Details

over 7 years ago
The File Details Activity is a pretty simple activity which performs a simple but really useful task to help in decision making in workflows.   It returns details of a requested file such as size, creation date and extension.

Aegis can interact with files in many ways, reading text docs, saving file attachments, compressing files etc.  As part of a workflow it may be a requirement to act on different files in different ways.

For example:

Only interact with files modified/created in a certain date range.  If you are using Aegis to read log files for example it would be unnecessary to read files older than the previous run.

Handle files with different extensions in different ways.  If you receive a txt file you can read it with ‘read lines from Text File’ activity but it the file is an Excel spreadsheet you can read it using ‘Execute SQL Commands and Scripts’ activity.

Compress files if they are bigger than a particular size.  If you want to attach files to an email you may want to verify the size or total size of attachments will not exceed any limit on a mail server and compress the attachments if required.

Verify a files matches particular characteristics by size and extension.  If your directory picture needs to be either .jpg format and less than 150Kb Aegis can check before submitting.

The outputs of the activity are like this:



Activity Installation Instructions are here:



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