Aegis ‘Depot’ Activity – Read and Write Binary Files

Read and Write Binary Files into Aegis workflows with these two activities.  File content is displayed in Hexadecimal format inside Aegis workflows.

These activities for example provide the ability to add binary file content to webservice requests and save binary data received in webservice responses in Aegis workflows.

Use cases are very specific - you are unlikely to want to store a PDF file in a workflow and then save it somewhere is, as activities are already present for copying files around.

The activities are currently limited to 1MB file size - this limit is imposed by the activity.  Anytime you are dealing with potentially large volumes of data you need to make sure you have a very efficiently written workflow. Looping through 1000 ldap users for example, reading their photo attribute out of an Ldap attribute and writing to file disk is no problem - but it might be slow.  If  each picture is 30kb for example - 30kb (plus overhead) will be stored in Aegis for reading the value from Ldap, and 30kb again when using as input to the write Binary File activity.  So 30kb x 2 x 1000 (plus overhead) would be the minimum amount of space used by these activities in the workflow and stored in database - each time it runs.  Always remember that especially where loops occur in workflows that there is potential for lots of database space being used.

I will use these activities in a workflow example in a future post.

Activity Installation Instructions are here:



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