Aegis ‘Depot’ Activity – Aegis Table Conversion

Aegis Tables are a complex data structure which doesn't convert to text directly.  There are some out of the box table conversions since I originally wrote this activity, but the conversion to ASCII text table is still unique to this activity.  Most often these tables in text format are sent as part of emails or work item summary reports.

This version has a number of configurable options that have been requested over the past few years – sorry for the delay!  It still has the table to HTML and XML options also.

Column widths were fixed in the previous version, so if you specified 30 as the column width, the width was 30 even if the column was empty.

Now there is the dynamic widths option, scaling from a fixed configurable minimum width which applies to all columns) to a configured maximum width, which is either a defined column width or default width (also configurable) if the maximum column width isn't defined.

The results are tables which have column widths kept to a minimum which makes displaying them a whole lot easier.

This is what a table looks like when Dynamic Widths is set to False:


And with Dynamic Widths Enabled:


What you will see is the column names are also truncated as I have set the minimum width to 3 which affects all columns.

If you are running the previous version Depot_TableConversion_3000_0_1,  the Module updater in the Aegis Configuration Console can be used to update your workflows automatically to the new version or they can be updated manually.  Old and new versions can also run side by side so no upgrade is required.


Activity Installation Instructions are here:




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