Updated 29-Mar-11: Search for files matching any combination of name, size & age criteria


Custom Knowledge script which searches folders for files matching any combination of name, size and age criteria

  • Raise an event if the number of files found breaches a threshold

  • All numeric thresholds may be based on any mathematical comparison i.e. >, >=, =, <=, <, <>

  • Age may be determined based on create date or last modified date

  • Optionally monitor sub-folders and raise a separate event for each sub-folder

  • Optionally collect data for the number of files in each monitored folder

Update 29-Mar-2011

  • Handle files being deleted during KS execution

  • Fix bug in which the file count is cumulative across iterations of the Job. Reset the count each iteration.

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Comment List
  • Mate, I like this :-)

    I changed the match file array to reset itself per each folder enumeration as apposed to accumulating file match.

    'Check each folder for matching files and raise alert as appropraite
    For i = 0 To UBound(arrAllFolders)
    ‘****** Here ****
    ReDim arrFiles(-1)
    FindMatchingFiles arrAllFolders(i), arrFiles
    ProcessResult arrAllFolders(i), arrFiles