Updated 08-Jul-2010: AppManager Service Status utility

The Service Status utility provides a ‘service map’ of the status of AppManager repositories and Management Servers. The utility monitors conditions such as stopped Windows services, failed SQL jobs, the number of greyed out agents, MS activity, stopped and pending Jobs, and high Event counts, and displays their status on a web page using a traffic light system.


The page refreshes automatically at regular intervals so that it displays up to date information. Multiple repositories and their MSs may be monitored simultaneously, and it is possible to modify what information is displayed, the thresholds for Warning (yellow) and Failed (red) status. Additional checks may be added to reflect additional operational issues.

The ZIP file contains the code and installation instructions.

Change history

  • 08/07/10: Added new column for the number of Events received in the last hour. New help file, describing the information returned. Original help file renamed config.html. 

  • 11/02/10: Changed stored procedure to ensure DataRejected value is returned

  • 16/12/09: Two new columns added for EventIOC status and DataRejected count.


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