Extending AppManager for hardware for Windows base server hardware monitoring

AppManager for hardware can be used for monitoring EXi/ESX underlying hardware failure due to fully supported WBEM protocol by VMWare. I was looking for the same solution to monitor my Windows based underlying hardware but it's not yet supported. What I figured out by using AppManager for hardware is that it uses the WBEM which is irrespective of platform. Hence I decided to use this solution to monitor my HP hardware with Windows OS. I found that HP has WBEM providers for Windows which can be downloaded from this location. Once this provider is installed on Windows OS then AppManager for hardware can be directed to these providers using proxy authentication via http or https.

This can be done through a simple configuration in security manager as per the management guide instructions available with the AppManager for hardware package. Once everything is configured, run the Hardware discovery KS to discover all the associated hardware and you're good to start monitoring the hardware fan, cpu, temp, storage, etc.

In the same way, IBM hardware with Windows OS can also be monitored if the IBM agent is 6.X onward as these agents are by default capable of providing data using WBEM protocol.


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