Deploying config file from central location to multiple agents

I was using NT_RunDOS job to execute some DOS command using a batch file then all of a sudden I realized that the batch file path needs to be provided from each of the agent machines. I need to run this DOS command on at least 100 agent machines and then I need to manually copy the batch file on 100 agent machines at the same location. This did not sound feasible to me so I thought of creating a new KS in such a way that it can push my batch file to all of the agent machines at a common location. I did it by using the VBS extension which is a very powerful mechanism in AppManager. Here is what you need to do:

In the attachment, copy the push config VBS file to "<NetIQ InstallDir>\AppManager\scripts" location then check in the KS (provided in the attachment) in the QDB.

The KS accepts the following parameters:

Path of the file to distribute: Provide the central file path location which you wanted to distribute on multiple agent locations.

Save the file to the folder: Provide the path of the file location to be saved on agents. Leave blank if you are not sure about it. In this case, it will store the file in App Manager default installation directory.

Take backup first: Select the option "Y" if you want to take the backup of previously deployed file otherwise select "N"

Click on OK and this will deploy the batch file or any other file on agents. Later on, you can run the NT_RunDOS job without copying the file on 100 agents manually. Enjoy!




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