The Exchange is now online with AppManager

Did you read it correctly that Exchange is online with AppManager? Or are you curious to know more about what is the context I am talking about here? I encourage you to read more on this.

With the AppManager for Exchange 7.6 release there are two main things delivered:

  • Exchange 2016 support

  • The core of this release is monitoring Exchange online if the Exchange services are up and running, users are able to send/receive the mail if hosted in Exchange Online environment.

With the AppManager 7.6 release, you can now discover the Exchange Online services within AppManager and then start monitoring for the above-mentioned reasons using the following scripts:

  • MailBoxQuota: Monitors the mailbox quota of the users of the Exchange Online domains.

  • ServiceHealth: Reports the status of the Exchange Online service. Monitors the service incidents and maintenance incidents that impact the domains of your Office 365 subscription.

Now here is the catch, with using the service health KS in AppManager for Exchange 7.6 release, you can now monitor Office 365 for any services other than Exchange Online service. So you have the power of monitoring all of the office 365 services health if you're using AppManager for Exchange 7.6.

So make most out of this release. Thanks for reading!

Download AppManager for Microsoft Exchange Server 7.6 here:


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