Patch Name: VPC 2.1 Service Pack 4

VigilEnt Policy Center 2.1 Service Pack 4 contains the following updates to VigilEnt Policy Center 2.1:
* Added external document linking
* Added Write Privilege to ACL Function
* Added Copy Functionality to HTML Documents
* Customized Title in User Site Browser Window
* Improved Document Printing
* Added Feature to Logging Function
* Improved Logon Speed
* Added Archive Icon on Library Tab
* Corrected Domain Names for Windows NT Users
* Corrected E-Mail Functionality for Power Users
* Corrected User List Display
* Updated Review E-Mail Function
* Updated Mail Server Notification Options
* Corrected HTML Viewing
* Corrected Statement Error in XML Editor
* Edited Documents to Avoid Incorrect Language Format
* Added Advanced LDAP Fields
* Added User Site Sorting
* Added Power User Publish Ability
* Added Reassignment of Document Owners 

For Product: VigilEnt Policy Center

Product Version: 2.1.0

Product Component:

Product Sub-Component:

Product O/S: MS Windows NT4.0, SP5 , MS Windows 2000


VPC 2.1 or later


Contains the following previously or currently posted patch:

VPC 2.1 Quiz Results Patch, VPC 2.1 Service Pack 2, VPC 2.1 Service Pack 3, VPC 2.1 Service Pack 3

Patch Corrects the following issues:

1-6313326, 1-7239807
1-6601001, 1-6875610, 1-7050201

Special Notes:

Install Instructions:

1) Download VPC21SP4.zip
2) Unzip contents
3) Read README.txt for special instructions regarding updates to systems using MS IIS and other considerations.
4) Run setup.exe
5) Click "Next" - the service release is installed
6) Click "Finish"

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