Is it time for AppManager 9?

You’ve already invested in AppManager---but you’re not running the latest version? It's somewhat of a conundrum, balancing the time of an upgrade versus the benefits you might get.  This is especially true if you've done lots of customization of your AppManager system that might or might not break if you upgrade to latest version.  Despite that risk, there are several compelling reasons you should have already upgraded to AppManager 9.  Let’s look at some of them.

  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership
    First of all—there’s a good chance you may be able to save yourself some money by upgrading to AppManager 9.  Depending on the size of your environment—you may be paying for some third party licenses needed to run older versions of AppManager that may not be required with AppManager 9.  Additionally, because of architecture changes—it may be possible to reduce the hardware needed to run your AppManager solution, while still increasing the performance and scalability of your solution.

  • Enormous Scalability
    AppManager 9 has a new architecture that increases both its performance and scalability. As mentioned previously, this may potentially lower your TCO by reducing your hardware needs.  But beyond that—AppManager 9 enjoys massive scalability, particularly great for large, complex environments. Simply put—you can now monitor tens of thousands of systems and applications without any noticeable degradation of performance.


  • Increased Performance
    Speaking of performance, did you know you actually get better performance from AppManager 9—no matter what size environment you are monitoring? By rewriting and optimizing the code for several key systems and protocols, AppManager 9 enjoys significantly improved communication performance between agents and the management servers, and between management servers and the repository.  The net result is a 3 times increase in monitoring performance.


  • AppManager 7: End of Support
    If you’re still using AppManager 7, consider upgrading to a newer version is you’d still like to have active support.  And if you need help coming up with a plan to upgrade—you can always contact your local Sales Engineer to start exploring how to move to AppManager 9.


AppManager 9 is a great way to understand what’s happening in your IT environment.  Don’t be blindsided by IT outages or poor system performance.  AppManager 9 can not only lower your TCO, but it can also provide the scalability and performance needed for today’s most demanding IT environments.

And if you're afraid you'll break some important functionality with your upgrade, then again-- a local Sales Engineer can help you scope out what will need to be done to get you upgraded.  All in all, you can't go wrong getting to the latest version of AppManager!


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