This Isn’t Your Fathers’ AppManager

AppManager 9.1 is here and I am ecstatic about it. The Micro Focus|NetIQ product team went through every component with a fine toothed comb, looking to improve performance everywhere they could. The result? We’re talking at least 3x capacity and performance improvements, meaning it now costs way less to run AppManager than ever before. And the bigger your infrastructure, the bigger those savings will be.

Let me take a step back…

I first came across AppManager back in the mid 90’s when I purchased it to monitor our fledgling Windows domain and Exchange environment at Sony. At the time, we used one of the “Big 4” framework products, but they didn’t have any idea what to do with Windows servers and apps beyond telling me if they were responding to pings. AppManager was quickly becoming the de facto solution for monitoring Microsoft servers, applications and

As my career progressed, I brought AppManager to other companies with massive success. I also stumbled across a really interesting Dashboard/Integration solution from a little company named Managed Objects who were making a big name for themselves in the Business Service Management (BSM) space where they were kicking ass and taking names by showing IT Operations something that they had never seen before – A holistic view of everything in their environment, regardless of what tool(s) was monitoring it. Coolest thing since sliced bread. I loved AppManager so much that in 2004, I moved to Houston and started working for NetIQ in the consulting group.

Slowly, the competition caught on and many commercial solutions came into vogue with the promise of cheap, “good enough” monitoring. Then the open source tools moved from the basement of developers into the mainstream. We at NetIQ watched as the innovations that we came up with were echoed across the industry. Oddly enough though, with this new expanded landscape of tools on the market, most companies still didn’t do a good job of monitoring. The information that was being brought back from these tools just wasn’t getting the job done. Teams were still swimming in false alerts or worse, no alerts. Instead of focusing in on the important things, operations teams were flooded with graphs, speedometers and data that wasn’t actually relevant, or even helpful, to what they were doing.

In response, we here at NetIQ reached out and listened to current customers, former customers, and even competitors’ customers and our own people to find out what they needed in a monitoring tool. Here are some things that we heard:

  • It needs to scale

  • The data needs to be available to everyone, not just the monitoring team

  • It needs to be inexpensive to buy and to own


With that, the NetIQ team went to work. The good news was, we knew that AppManager was already leading the way in a bunch of these areas. It was already easy to use and had a lot of depth in it – our customers told us that. But it didn’t scale well beyond a few thousand servers, and customer were spending a lot of time and money building very robust SQL infrastructures to support AppManager.

The AppManager Product Manager, Michi Schniebel hasn’t had a good night sleep in over two years as he has worked feverishly increase scalability and exploit the best parts of AppManager. Michi and team have revisited every part of the solution to make it better, stronger, faster, less expensive, far easier to own and more valuable than ever before. He’ll sleep well now, as AppManager 9.1, with its far more efficient core, is now available.

Check back here often in the coming weeks as we dig deeper into the hows and whys of the new AppManager. We’re also going to be doing several tech talks that explore new features and functions as well.

Stay tuned, this is going to be awesome!



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