AC 4.4 and Excel 2007. Unknown DDE Service : Excel

Hello everyone,

Majority of our AC users use the "export the list" utility. We use Citrix frame for AC connections. It was packaged with Office 2003. By using the utility, the list would be exported to Excel 2003 and there were no issues.

Recently there was an upgrade and Citrix application was packaged with Office 2007. Now few users have complained that they have seen issues when the list was exported to Excel 2007. Excel 2007 would open up, but would not load the data. Has anyone on this forum seen this? Any solutions? I am trying to understand whether AC 4.4 is even compatible with Office 2007.

Also, one of the user reported "Unknown DDE Service : Excel" error. Could solving this error solve the problem? We do not want to go back to Excel 2003 before we are sure that it is the only possible solution.

As always thanks for your time and patience.