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emails gets marked as read and skipped other mapping in CIT scenario


Use Case: user sends an email to update Incident or Request mentioning module name in Subject: For eg:

"Request 12345" or "Incident 12345"

Now i have created scenario with 2 mappings, 1 for Incident and other for Request:

inside mapping at Entities level i have written below script:


and for Incident:

in source connector, i have mentioned "Flag e-mail messages as read" if it is successful, on failure "do not modify e-mail message from server":

Issue i am facing is: when i get mail, sometime it does not update ticket and gets marked as read. For example mail is "Incident 12345", it gets skipped at Request mapping and so gets marked as Read and Incident mapping never receives it.

If at source connector if i select "do not modify e-mail message from server" on Successful also, then mails will not get marked as read at all and will get called every time scenario will be run.