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2nd Year in a Row—Micro Focus Named Market Leader in AIOps!

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In IT Operations, we deal with an overwhelming amount of data. From routine events to major downtime incidents, it can feel like your ITOps environment grows more complex by the hour. Thankfully, AIOps makes managing all that complexity a little easier.

While it’s clear that AIOps is the future of IT Operations, keeping up with the latest developments takes time. Research in Action (RIA) now tackles the job for all of us—and we're proud to say RIA has named Micro Focus a Market Leader in the AIOps space for the second year in a row. 

Research in Action surveys more than 10,000 enterprise IT and business decision-makers, then summarizes their findings in a report, Vendor Selection Matrix for AIOps Platforms, that highlights:

  • Critical AIOps platform use cases.
  • Top priorities around AIOps.
  • Top market trends.

Evaluation Criteria

The Vendor Selection Matrix for AIOps Platforms by RIA ranks the top 18 vendors based on product, company, strategy, and execution. The report takes an outside-in approach to evaluate vendors to reveal best practices from your peers.

What Does It Mean to be a Market Leader?

We think it’s important to meet companies where they are in their AIOps journeys. Our AIOps solution, Operations Bridge, uses connectors to integrate with other monitoring or management solutions you may already have. That’s why survey respondents gave Micro Focus the highest score of 4.75 for customer satisfaction and price versus value ratio—for the second year in a row. 

This placement recognizes Micro Focus’ commitment to understanding customer needs, incorporating feedback into roadmap planning, and continuously delivering business value.

How We Excel—Again and Again

According to RIA, Micro Focus “enables an insight-driven, automated and customer centric service delivery.” We do this by building on our big data platform—the OPTIC Data Lake—to simplify the collection and storage of data from Micro Focus Operations Bridge, Network Operations Management, Data Center Automation, and a number of third-party vendors. In this way, we enable data visualization for important tasks such as automated event correlation.

If you’re not sure where to start in your AIOps journey, look at RIA’s Vendor Selection Matrix for AIOps Platforms. By delving into best practices that other organizations have learned along the way, the RIA report will help you move forward faster.


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