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8 Ways OpenText OpScope Provides End-to-End Observability Across Your Entire IT Environment

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End-to-end monitoring across cloud-native and on-premise resources.

OpenText OpScope is for organizations that need end-to-end observability of their entire IT environment within a single, unified view. Whether you operate within a multi-cloud environment or utilize on-premises resources, OpScope identifies problems with guided workflows and gives you actionable insights—all with an agentless SaaS solution.

Here are 8 ways OpScope can benefit your organization:

  1. Clear observability and guided workflows: Zoom from zero to observability with guided workflows and prebuilt dashboards that help you monitor cloud and on-premises infrastructure, services, and applications. OpScope leads you quickly to your “Aha” moment—from the degradation alert to a direct understanding of which IT component caused the problem and what other components are impacted.
  2. Faster troubleshooting with actionable insights: Without a clear view of the user experience or how cloud resources are connected, you can’t find and fix issues fast enough. Generate actionable alerts and resolve any issues as soon as they arise. This allows your teams to focus on what they do best as quickly as possible.
  3. Get the metrics that matter with prebuilt and customizable dashboards: Optimize application performance with prebuilt dashboards—or drag-and-drop to create your own without any complex SQL queries. Your dashboard helps you easily monitor the application metrics you care about so you never miss a problem.
  4. Improved customer expectation management: OpScope lets you easily pinpoint how IT resources impact business services, allowing you to better manage customer expectations and create better experiences.
  5. Proactive anomaly detection and alerting: With multivariate anomaly detection (MVAD) to reduce alert noise, OpScope makes it easy to isolate potential problems. MVAD also groups related metrics and determines if the group is behaving anomalously. That way, when you get an anomaly alert, you know it’s worth looking into.
  6. Accelerated Time to Value with agentless SaaS: OpScope is an agentless SaaS solution that delivers a unified approach to monitoring and troubleshooting. Lightweight and easy to implement, it gets SRE teams up and running quickly.
  7. Automated detection: Not a Dev? Not a problem. With automated detection of cloud resources with service mapping and guided observability workflows built for OpenTelemetry, you won’t need to be a developer to get the right data when needed.
  8. OpenTelemetry: OpenTelemetry traces reveal error rates, latency, microservice versions impacted, and deep insights into user experiences across distributed systems. Developers, SREs, and operations teams can use these vital results to understand the performance of their workloads.

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