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And, it’s a wrap – “Why SRE? Why Now?”

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Our industry is rapidly moving towards SRE-based practices.  In fact, Forrester Research says, “The future lies in site reliability engineering.”  Much like the DevOps transition, organizations understand the requirement for SREs to deliver leadership to development and operations teams and to manage application velocity.  Our SRE focused webinars covered three important topics–organizational change, personal development, and observability tools.

Session 1 was led by Brent Ellis, Senior Analyst at Forrester who spoke to organization change.  If your team is consider moving to or in process, this discussion from Brent is invaluable.  And, to complement his presentation, we’ve also arranged for the Forrester report, “How to transition your IT admins to site reliability engineering” to provide a detailed guide on the journey to SRE.

Session 2 was all about a personal journey to SRE.  We spoke Mahesh Sethuraman, an SRE from OpenText about his transition from software development to a lead at OpenText.  Hear what he learned and why he thinks this transition is inevitable as organizations scale.

Session 3 got technical as we took a deep dive into the tools developed by OpenText to support teams in their goal to enable observability.  We got to see the latest releases of Infrastructure Observability and Application Observability and see how they drive insights to ensure teams are can effectively manage both cloud and on prem environments and the applications that run on that infrastructure.

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