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Enhance your network management with NEO: Network Edge Observer

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Introduced in the latest release of OpenText Network Node Manager (NNM) 24.2, Network Edge Observer (NEO) is a lightweight, headless component deployed close to the network specifically designed to streamline and optimize data collection for NNM.

Key Features

  • Profiles for Simplified Deployment: NEO's profile feature allows administrators to organize configurations and workloads, making geographically distributed deployments a breeze.
  • Automatic Data Synchronization: Enjoy a centralized view of your corporate-wide network with automatic topology synchronization from multiple NEOs, providing up-to-date information.
  • Secure Communication: Trust in the secure communication between NNM and NEOs, ensuring the safety of your data.

The Value of NEO

  • Centralized Administration: NEO allows centralized management of configurations from NNM to multiple NEOs, reducing administrative overhead.
  • Cost Savings: By minimizing administrative overhead, NEO lowers your total cost of ownership.
  • Enhanced Network Insights: Gain detailed, real-time insights into your network's performance and health. With comprehensive information from NEO servers, including the number of nodes discovered and monitored, you can make informed decisions quickly.

Deployment Model

This deployment indicates the key values of deploying multiple NEOs to manage overlapping addresses across networks (multiple customers or regions) behind a DMZ or a firewall.

Onboarding NEO

NEO is an independent installer with an easy and simple onboarding process. It is available in Classic form factor and supported on Linux flavors such as RHEL, SUSE and Rocky Linux.

  • Install NEO either by interactive installation using an easy-to-use installation wizard or by silent installation using a property file to provide all installation-specific settings to the NEO installer.
  • Create NEO profile in NNM and associate configurations to be distributed to NEOs, by using either CLI or UI.

  • Register NEO with NNM to establish a secure and safe connection.
  • Discover the network from NEO by loading seeds in NNM and associating a NEO profile for the right delegation of network.

NEO Management

  • NNM provides information about all the NEO servers managed by it along with the number of nodes that each NEO discovers and monitors in a network.
  • NEO connection status is displayed in the NEO profile. In case of unavailability of NEO, the user is indicated with a warning message.

Performance and sizing recommendations for Network Edge Observer

The Bottom Line: Centralized, Simplified, and Powerful Network Management

NEO's centralized and simplified configuration management revolutionizes GEO-distributed deployments. It delivers efficient fault and performance management, providing a comprehensive overview and robust management of your network.

Imagine a world where network issues are identified and resolved before they impact your business, where your network runs smoothly with minimal downtime, and where your IT team can focus on strategic initiatives rather than troubleshooting. That is the power of NNM + NEO.

Upgrade your network management with NEO today and experience the future of network observability. For more information and to see how NEO can transform your network management, contact us or visit our website.

written in collaboration with Waheeda Anjum | Product Owner – ITOM NOM

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