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Essential Steps Toward an Integrated Hybrid Cloud

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GettyImages-470621123_super (3).jpgThe rise of cloud adoption in recent times magnified the challenge of dealing with increasingly complex, heterogeneous IT ecosystems. This is where cloud management solutions can help.

Micro Focus Hybrid Cloud Management X  (HCMX) unifies the management of public and private clouds through a massive number of codeless out-of-the-box integrations and a breadth of supported technologies. That way, your existing and planned-for tools, and systems can work effectively in unison, as HCMX provides a single point of control for orchestrated hybrid multi-cloud provisioning, governance, and cost management. The result is the breaking down of silos, seamless extensibility, and agility at the speed of business.

Connecting and integrating your tools can be pain-free with the right approach. Below is a high-level overview of how HCMX helps enterprises achieve an integrated private and public cloud conglomerate – hybrid cloud.

Private and public cloud coverage: provision services from anywhere to anywhere


First and foremost, cloud management should integrate with commonly used private and public cloud providers and associated technologies that enable you to deploy and run apps and infrastructure services anywhere. From VMware, Red Hat OpenShift, IBM mainframe, OpenStack, Kubernetes, to Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, and Oracle Cloud to name just a few, HCMX offers broad support and allows for a wide range of interoperability in virtually any enterprise environment.

Ready-to-use integrations in the marketplace portal: avoid scripting, accelerate time to value

Our marketplace portal delivers Micro Focus and validated third-party and open-source apps, add-ons, and more – to expand the functionality of your existing solutions. Ready-to-use plug-ins mean you get our entire growing list of integrations (capsules) via a marketplace portal, at any time, free of charge. No scripting means you may save days, weeks, or even months on successfully introducing new integrations into your system.

Here is an example of how pre-provided integrations can help. Let's say you are using HCMX and need to bolster the services you are deploying to your end-users with data backup or advanced monitoring. You can easily set this up by downloading the respective integration capsule and adding the functionality in HCMX’s provisioning configuration window.

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In addition, augment integrations from the marketplace with enterprise-wide provisioning orchestration. Leverage over 8,000 automation workflows and operations that are available out-of-the-box. Enjoy a rich graphical interface with a drag-and-drop designer, and toggle between graphical and textual authoring to work easier and faster.



Centralized IT catalog: aggregate and customize services from multiple clouds

IA-ScreenShot-1.jpgHCMX also provides cloud service aggregation, allowing you to import images from multiple providers into one centralized catalog with just a few clicks. Select from over 10,000 services from Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, and vCenter on demand from a single pane of glass, then customize these services in the blueprint designer – configure, add components, and set guardrails before exposing selected services to your end-users. IT admins can, for example, select or limit the regions and instance sizes, thus facilitating IT-approved self-service provisioning.


Cloud management integrations for DevOps: gain a competitive edge with speed

HCMX also blends with your existing tools via API-based integrations to accelerate your DevOps journey. Integrate HCMX with DevOps tools like Jenkins, Chef, Ansible, Terraform, and more, in order to enable faster provisioning of cloud services by leveraging powerful HCMX capabilities for orchestration, customization, governance, and industry-leading AI-based self-service. Drive your business results to new heights with Micro Focus in your corner at every turn.


Learn more about HCMX at microfocus.com/hybridcloud

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