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GigaOm’s Market Evaluation: The Guide to Cloud Observability

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GigaOm Cloud ObservabilityI’m sure you remember the time when most IT resources were either in-house or at a colocation site. Monitoring and managing monolithic applications were easy at that time. The 2022 GigaOm report discusses how organizations move applications and infrastructure to the cloud when a robust cloud observability solution becomes critical for operational, business, and IT awareness. This report assesses 21 cloud observability solutions to help you identify the best fit for your cloud awareness journey. The report's insight includes:

  • Components of observability.
  • Market categories and deployment types.
  • Key criteria comparison.
  • Insights on vendors—including why Micro Focus is rated a leader in the space.

GigaOm Cloud Radar Report

The risk of not deploying an observability solution can come at a high cost because without visibility into your IT infrastructure, you’d have no way of reducing event noise, resulting in a slower time to find problems.

There are an overwhelming amount of cloud observability solutions and knowing which one to choose takes time. GigaOm breaks down observability solutions by the size of companies so you can evaluate which observability solutions are right for you.


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