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[ITOM inform] Exciting Acquisition News, the Evolution of ITOps, Product Highlights

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Exciting news! Late last month, OpenText completed its acquisition of Micro Focus. We’re thrilled to be part of this ongoing journey towards bolder, smarter products that help you win in the digital age. My blog, The Future of ITOps Is DigitalOps, tells how integration with OpenText shapes our priorities and the evolution of ITOps. On the product front, read how HCMX reins in cloud waste, SMAX modernizes service experiences, and Operations Bridge delivers smart event correlation, web-based report creation, and update options. Finally, since orchestration is the heart of automation, our Operations Orchestration expert shares favorite features and why they matter.

Travis Greene
Director of ITOM Product Marketing

The Future of ITOps Is DigitalOps

SaaS, cloud on demand, and rising user expectations are changing ITOps. In this new world order, high-speed change and customer-facing services reign. A broader operations model is needed to deliver smarter digital operations.

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Cloud Spending Soars: How to Reduce Costs

Get the scoop on FinOps, cloud spend transparency, and self-service guardrails with HCMX. No need to worry about surprise bills when your long-lost cloud instance is hacked and used for bitcoin mining. Yes, it has happened!

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SMAX for Happy Users, Efficient IT, and Better Outcomes

What’s ITSM got to do with amazing employee experiences? A lot. For starters, your users expect to have the services they need (consumer style), when they need them. See what it takes to modernize the IT service experience.

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Product Expert Weighs In: “My Favorite Operations Orchestration Features.”

In a gentle nod to Valentine’s Day, every February we compile a list of features that automation specialists—dare we say “love”—about Operations Orchestration (OO). Our product expert highlights five features that make OO, quite simply, OO.

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Operations Bridge Vision 2023—Q&A Session Rewind

What’s Automatic Event Correlation (AEC) Explained UI? (Hint: It demystifies the analytical magic and helps you understand the correlation algorithm.) Plus, get answers to questions about our integration strategy, upgrade options, and web-based flex report creation.

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