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[ITOM Inform] Generative AI Virtual Agents Are Coming, Plus 3 Ways to Cut Complexity

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The world of ITOps is always changing. Innovations abound, and we love sharing them here. So get ready, because our ITSM solution (aka SMAX) is prepping now for Large Language Model-supported virtual agents. These game-changing agents—fired up with security, access control, and enterprise knowledge—promise to deliver the ultimate in personalized user support. Then there’s FinOps, discovery, and rapid observability, three pragmatic ITOps approaches that will help you break down the IT complexity wall. Speaking of FinOps, I can’t help mentioning that OpenText is an enthusiastic sponsor of FinOps X 2023—the FinOps event of the year hosted by the FinOps Foundation. Full cloud ahead!

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Travis Greene
Director of ITOM Product Marketing

What It Takes to Build a Game-Changing, Enterprise-Ready, Generative AI Virtual Agent

As employees start using public generative AI services (like ChatGPT), company-sensitive data can be unwittingly exposed. But at the enterprise level, nothing less than private, secure, intelligent services will do—no irrelevant, indiscriminate, oversharing chatbots allowed. Luckily, generative AI is coming to SMAX soon.

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IT Is Hitting the Complexity Wall. Why, and What Can Be Done About It?

Complexity is a by-product of multicloud deployments. Increasingly, ITOps teams are dealing with more endpoints, outages, and breaches. Observability offers a pragmatic, actionable approach to rein in complexity and return more value to the business.

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Fighting Cloud Cost Complexity with FinOps

If you’re looking for ways to tackle cloud cost complexity, read this white paper. It’s teeming with insights—FinOps approaches that work (and don’t work), why FinOps needs to focus on humans, how to bridge the FinOps–asset management gap, and how FinOps promotes sustainability.

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Why Discovery and CMDB Are Having a Renaissance—Insights from the 2023 Virtual Forum

CIOs and CFOs are asking about the value they’re getting from their cloud infrastructure. That’s why it’s so important to have an accurate picture of your clouds and what’s in them. Discovery and CMDB to the rescue! In our recent virtual forum, we discussed trends and our solution roadmap.

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