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Leading Cloud Management Capabilities, Now on SaaS – with HCMX

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 Micro Focus HCMX gets “SaaS-y”
Last week we announced the Hybrid Cloud Management X (HCMX) SaaS release. By making HCMX available in a SaaS simple way we’ve opened the doors to easy adoption of proven cloud management capabilities wide open.

SaaS release benefits – "SaaSisfaction" guaranteed
HCMX SaaS release delivers the following advantages:

  • Seamless adoption and automatic updates and patching
  • Low startup costs with flexibility to adopt and expand at your own pace
  • Decreased CapEx and improved flexibility with subscription payments
  • More freedom to focus on the business instead of technical installations and maintenance
  • Easily extendable with other ITOM solutions on a single, modular OPTIC platform
  • Proven security: ISO 27001/27034 and SOC 2 certified
  • Available worldwide and meeting the industry standard of service availability

So, what capabilities does HCMX bring to the table?
Micro Focus has been proudly serving the hybrid cloud management market since its inception. From Fortune 500 enterprises to mid-sized and small organizations, HCMX – the very latest in Micro Focus cloud management – is built to be a fit for all. HCMX is now available as SaaS, as well as on-premises, or in the public cloud – Azure, AWS, or GCP.
In short, with HCMX organizations are able to:

  • Build infrastructure and apps from hybrid cloud components using a graphical drag and drop interface or by leveraging infrastructure as code approach.
  • Provision and manage lifecycle actions with speed and powerful automation – enabled by the powerful inbuilt orchestration engine
  • Optimize public cloud spend with detailed reports, budget management, and auto-recommendations
  • Apply compliance policies (e.g., access controls) and leverage rich, customizable dashboards
  • Map and track configuration items and their dependencies with UCMDB built-in

At a glance: HCMX SaaS compared to its predecessors:

Cloud management solutions are gaining prominence
Hybrid (and multi) cloud adoption continues to be on the rise! Resulting in organizations of all sizes experiencing added complexities. First, around provisioning and lifecycle management of hybrid cloud infrastructure and applications. And second, around governance as organizations strive to ensure optimized cloud spend (e.g., with detailed multi cloud reports, AI-based optimization recommendations) and compliance. All these areas can be improved and made easier to manage with a cloud management solution that provides capabilities for hybrid IT operations and that serves as a single tool for managing all your clouds. The result is faster operations (including DevOps), lower costs, and overall leaner hybrid cloud management.

Extendibility within the Micro Focus OPTIC Platform (e.g., SMAX + HCMX)
While HCMX SaaS is a standalone hybrid and multi cloud management platform solution, customers can consider expanding within the Micro Focus OPTIC platform, which includes the entire spectrum of products for IT operations management. Enterprise service management (ESM) is one such area of extendibility with its inclusion of Micro Focus SMAX (ITSM solution) and HCMX. This gives customers the benefit of Micro Focus SaaS “HCMX + SMAX” synergies: :

  • Centralized self-service portal for end-users (e.g., developers) that extends its reach from the cloud and on-prem provisioning and management of apps and infrastructure to IT, HR, facilities related services, and more. Users submit requests for all services uniformly and easily.
  • A single vendor implementation for cloud management and ITSM also results in saving time and increasing productivity for IT. There are fewer silos as well as simpler maintenance and management (e.g., common process control, tenant configuration).
  • Shared consolidated governance means that cost management, mapping and tracking of configuration items, business visualization dashboards, and compliance related policy setting, is all available from a single place. Encompassing everything from ITSM to the private and public cloud management—in an easy manner.

Beyond SMAX however, the aforementioned OPTIC platform is both comprehensive and modular, and allows other IT operations management solutions to interact with your HCMX SaaS implementation—based on the specific needs of your organization. You can learn more about Micro Focus OPTIC here.

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