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NOM Reporting – SaaS: Coming to a Network Near You

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Network Operations Management (NOM) 2022.05 was just announced, and the team here at Micro Focus wanted to give you a behind-the-scenes look at some of the new capabilities we think you’ll love.

NOM Reporting – SaaS

 NOM Reporting -- SaaS Infrastructure diagram

As part of our commitment to delivering SaaS-based solutions to our customers, we’re pleased to announce NOM Reporting – SaaS. This new blockbuster offering delivers powerful troubleshooting, dashboards, and OPTIC Reporting, thanks to the unified storage of the OPTIC Data Lake and the ease of SaaS-based delivery.

A SaaS deployment of OPTIC Reporting and the OPTIC Data Lake will significantly reduce your total cost of ownership and accelerate time to value versus an on-premises deployment. Deploying NOM Reporting – SaaS will also simplify the transition from Network Performance Server (NPS), which is nearing the end of committed support (December 2023).

In fact, with the persistent version currency of NOM Reporting – SaaS, along with our expertise in Kubernetes and Vertica, you can transform risky, issue-ridden deployment transition “thrillers” into pleasant “romcoms.”

High-Definition Network Observability

 Performance Troubleshooting screenshot

With NOM Reporting – SaaS, you can leverage the OPTIC Data Lake to see farther, wider, and deeper into your network. As a result, you can:

  • Gain insight into your performance data with new chart types, such as TopN tables and pie charts, and consolidate data with new Group by and Aggregate by
  • Solve traffic issues with performance troubleshooting and incident troubleshooting workflows.
  • View network paths using specified nodes or interfaces for source and destination to identify related objects, then troubleshoot and complete the process with automated configuration-change capabilities.

If you’re an Operations Bridge customer, you can further benefit by sharing a Data Lake with NOM, reducing required architecture and enabling cross-domain reporting.

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