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Oops! How not to have a major network outage using automation

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no major network outage automation.jpgRead on to see how Network Automation (NA) and Network Node Manager (NNMi) from Micro Focus saved this customer!

How many times have you ever had to input a large list of manual numbers to be added in a calculator?  And when I say a lot, I mean hundreds of numbers.  Of those times you’ve added those numbers, how many times have you been correct?  Every time?  Maybe all the time except for once?  How big a deal was it for you to be wrong? 

That might be a record for number of questions in an opening paragraph, but it points to a single truth…entering a bunch of data manually isn’t always going to be perfect.  The larger the dataset size and the more people involved, the more likely someone is going to make a mistake.  Normally, this might not be a big deal, but when those numbers being entered are IP addresses, this could be a cause for concern.  Add in this is a list of IP addresses to block hackers for a global network, and now the stakes start to get a little higher.

This is exactly what happened to a customer who was in a constant battle of finding and blocking hackers.  As an IP address of a hacker was found, it was then inputted into a firewall through a multi-step manual process.  In this case, the IP address was malformed, meaning it was not a correct format.  When that happens to a network device, good things rarely happen. The device converted the address to which effectively blocked an entire region of the their customer’s from getting access to their network. 

Luckily, the customer was already using Network Automation (NA) and Network Node Manager (NNMi) from Micro Focus. The solution to this manual process was surprisingly easy, and enabled an automated path that took out human error. No additional purchases were needed, and only a little of connecting the dots to allow a few systems to talk to each other helped make this solution possible.

Interested in finding out all the details?  Check out the full story in this on-demand webinar, and hear how one customer’s journey through preventing another major outage was quickly fixed with their existing Micro Focus solutions!


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