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OPTIC One: Check out our new videos!

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We have recently released a series of new “how-to” videos that cover prominent features and capabilities of OPTIC One. OPTIC One offers a centralized user interface with operations and administration workflows for your installed products. It is part of containerized deployments of Operations Bridge, Network Operations Management and Data Center Automation.

Video 1: OPTIC One – Key UI components. In this video, we introduce the components included in the OPTIC One UI framework and explain how to navigate them. You will get to know the OPTIC One introduction page, the side navigation panel and the icons available in the masthead.

Figure 1. OPTIC One – Key UI components video

Video 2: OPTIC One – How to use a Flex report. This video provides a walkthrough of an existing Flex report. It explores different widget types, demonstrates filter mechanisms available in the time selector and the Omnibar, and shows how to drill down from one report to other available reports.

Figure 2. OPTIC One – How to use a Flex report video

Video 3: OPTIC One – How to create a Flex report. This video shows how to create a Flex report using Flex Page Designer, with the focus on essential steps necessary for the report creation. These steps will include selecting the appropriate data source, configuring data visualization and saving an instance and the definition of a report.

Figure 3. OPTIC One – How to create a Flex report video

Feel free to bookmark the OPTIC Video Library and stay tuned for more OPTIC and Flex reporting videos to come!

We encourage you to try out our new features and enhancements! For further information on our offerings, explore our documentation resources and our blogs.

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