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Putting the Power of Automation to Work - How One Company Saved ~5,000 Employee Hours per Week!

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There's no doubt that the current situation with COVID-19 has had an impact on the way we all work and live. Businesses everywhere have been scrambling to figure out how to best enable their employees to work from home while still maintaining some semblance of business continuity.

At our recent virtual summit - Micro Focus Universe - we got a chance to hear what's new and upcoming in Data Center Automation (DCA), as well as hear a great customer story from Akbank - one of Turkey's largest banks. Mr. Sedat Memet presented on Akbank's automation journey with DCA titled, "The Automation of Things." In his presentation, he discussed how they were able to save an estimated 5,000 employee hours PER WEEK! Yes, you read that correctly - per week!

By leveraging DCA, Akbank was able to improve their operational response times, reduce errors, implement standardized solutions for their infrastructure teams, and reduce the loss of business knowledge from employee turnover. With the recent explosion of employees working from home, ensuring that your operations team is able to perform their job efficiently and effectively is a big key in preserving business continuity. Akbank's automation journey has allowed their operations teams to do just that - be more effective and productive despite the chaos going on in the world.


Needless to say, we love hearing customer stories like this. Do you have a great DCA story to share, or know someone that does? If so, please reach out to me at justin.vanderwerff@microfocus.com and let me know! You can find out more about the sessions and keynote speakers, as well as register for our virtual North America event by visiting our Micro Focus Virtual Universe 2020 website. We look forward to (virtually) seeing you at the FREE event!

Finally, in these trying times, we invite you to visit our COVID-19 ITOM - Best Practice Sharing Community. Here, you can share your ideas, as well as learn how others are using different technologies to navigate through these new challenges. The site is continually updated with tips and ideas from customers and practitioners, as well as our own staff. Join in on the discussion and together we can help each other get through this as efficiently as we can! 

From all of us at Micro Focus, stay safe out there and help #StopTheSpread



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