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Re-discovering Universal Discovery and Universal CMDB

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“The end is where we start from.”
—T.S. Eliot

In IT, something is always clambering for your attention—so researching the latest-greatest features of your Universal Discovery and UCMDB solutions may constantly fall off your eternal “to-do” list. To help you keep track of what’s new, here’s a quick recap of key features from recent releases.

2022.05 Release (Classic and Containerized)

  • IT Universe Modeling Capabilities - Get more efficient service modeling in the CMS UI with streamlined processes for creating, editing, and adding CIs to models, with a single method to manage CIs across all future ITOM products.
  • Certificates for Discovery Agents - Achieve better security for discovery agents by building and deploying CA-signed certificates to discovery agents directly from the Universal Discovery user interface or continue using self-signed certificates.

2021.11 Release (Classic)

  • All the features of 2021.08 for classic deployments, plus:
  • Probe Clustering for Agent-Driven Inventory Discovery – Get faster, more efficient discovery with enhanced probe clustering and dynamic load-balancing assignment of probes to agents.
  • Tag-Based Service Modeling - Use cloud and container tags to enrich Universal CMDB data and tag-controlled enrichment to create service models and populate attributes.

2021.08 Release (Containerized)

  • Agent-Driven Inventory Discovery (ADID) Workflow - Accelerate discovery job management with UI support for auto-deletion and file scan parsing.
  • Security Improvements - Run a more secure organization with certificate and security policy improvements, including full certificate validation between server and probes (by default) and new security policies covering certificate expiration, HTTPS usage, and CA certification verification.

2021.05 Release (Classic and Containerized)

  • All the features of 2021.02 for classic deployments, plus:
  • Impact Widget - Predict impact directly from the inventory list for better and faster understanding of potential changes to individual configuration items.
  • Topology Widget - Quickly see how inventory items are related to other infrastructure by easily filtering results on CI type, subtype, or by instance to find exactly what you need—or hide filtered items to reduce clutter.

2021.02 Release (Containerized)

  • End-of-Life (EOL) Dates for Software – Track end-of-life dates for better software compliance and overall enterprise security stance, with dates reported by the Center for Internet Security.
  • Cloud Migration Dashboard - See cloud migration status of databases and hosts for better reporting on your cloud migration progress.

What I have not covered in this short list is all the new discovery content and enhancements across on-premises, containerized, and cloud environments. The reason is simple—there are just too many to list in a short blog like this. But one bragging point is that with the release of 2022.05, Universal Discovery and UCMDB now discover 139,776 software titles and contain end-of-life dates for Micro Focus software titles too.

As the contemporary American poet Elizabeth Bishop noted,
“Nature repeats herself, or almost does:
repeat, repeat, repeat; revise, revise, revise.

The same goes for Universal Discovery and UCMDB. We are constantly building upon previous releases with enhancements and improvements driven by you, the customer. It is a continuous and iterative process to be sure—but that also means when you upgrade to the newest version, you are benefitting from the evolution of a product that you have trusted and used for years.



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