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Recent enhancements in Operations Bridge Management Packs and Connectors

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We recently made changes to several Management Packs and Operations Connectors. You will save time with easier and enhance your monitoring coverage with these enhancements. This article describes the most prominent changes; for a list of all implemented enhancements, please see the Release notes for individual Management Packs and Operations Connectors.

Summary of changes

For detailed information on supported components, versions, software and hardware requirements, as well as obsolescence announcements, please take a look at the latest Operations Bridge support matrices.

MySQL monitoring for both agent (OBM) and agentless (SiteScope)

The new content offering for MySQL monitoring available from the ITOM Marketplace now provides unified monitoring content for both OBM and SiteScope.

The content is available in the form of a single content pack that gets deployed as an OBM Management Pack or as a SiteScope custom monitor. You can either install it on OBM and use the OBM Management Pack to monitor MySQL or you can install it on SiteScope and use the new MySQL monitor to monitor MySQL.

Both methods are very similar: The Management Pack and the SiteScope monitor discover the same MySQL topology that consists of MySQL database instances, clusters and cluster replication, and both collect the same metrics.

However, in the case of OBM and the Operations Agent (OA), these metrics are stored in the OA metric store, from where they can be graphed using the OBM Performance Dashboard. If you use SiteScope for MySQL monitoring, the metrics are stored in the SiteScope metric repository and displayed as a SiteScope quick report.

If you use both OBM and SiteScope, we recommend using the OBM Management Pack to monitor MySQL as it offers OPTIC Data Lake integration into dedicated MySQL table schemas. Even though SiteScope metrics can also be collected by the OPTIC Data Lake, they are stored in the SiteScope generic tables, which makes report creation more difficult. In the future, we plan to enhance the SiteScope metric integration and store such metric data in the same tables as we do for the OA-based collection.

Figure 1. A sample OBM Performance Dashboard: MySQL status

Oracle Database Management Pack enhancements

We have recently enhanced Oracle Database monitoring by introducing two new monitoring aspects:

  • Oracle Long Running Query, which monitors the top five longest-running queries of the Oracle database and sends an even or a notification to OBM with process IDs and SQL_TEXT. It is also possible to get the top 15 longest-running queries from a new Long Running Query tool that is part of the Management Pack.
  • Oracle Broken or Failed Jobs, which monitors the jobs that are in a broken or a failed state for an Oracle instance.

For more information, see OBM MP for Oracle Database Metrics.

In addition, Oracle Database Management Pack is now capable of encrypting usernames and passwords. Note that if you have an older Management Pack version, you need to ensure that you migrate the Management Pack encryption configuration. For details, see Migration of MP configuration encryption.

To view a list of all enhancements, see Management Pack for Oracle Database Release notes.

Simplified deployment of the Microsoft SCOM Connector

The Connector for Microsoft SCOM is now deployed using OBM Monitoring Automation and no longer requires separate manual installation of the Operations Connector software. This shortens the time to install and to configure the Connector.

This deployment change also allows you to upgrade your policies to newer SCOM Connector releases (previously, you needed to uninstall the Connector software and re-do your configuration changes).

For details about the new deployment steps, see the Install section of the Connector for Microsoft SCOM documentation.

Long-term reporting for the VROPS Connector

You can now view application performance metrics stored in the OPTIC Data Lake in the new out-of-the-box VROPS Virtualization Performance Summary report. This report provides information about performance trends and inventory of VMware virtual hosts and logical systems as shown in the image below:

Figure 2. VROPS Virtualization Performance Summary report

To view the detailed description of the report, see VROPS Virtualization Performance Summary Flex report.

We encourage you to try out our new features and enhancements! For further information on our offerings, visit the Operations Bridge and OpScope product pages, explore our documentation resources and check out our Operations Bridge Video Library and blogs.

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